Summer Update 2021

I made a summer research update last year (see here) and thought I would continue the tradition this year. It helps me see what I have accomplished this past year and what things I have in progress.

Recently Published

Article: “The Carnival of the Mad: Foucault’s Window into the Origin of Psychology,” Foucault Studies 30 (June 2021).

Article: “The Weight of Bodily Presence in Art and Liturgy.” Religions 12, no. 3: 164 (2021): 1-14. Invited article for special issue entitled “Phenomenology and Liturgical Practice.”

Upcoming Publications

Chapter in Edited Book: “The Need for Merleau-Ponty in Foucault’s Account of the Abnormal.” In Normality, Abnormality, and Pathology in Merleau-Ponty, edited by Talia Welsh and Susan Bredlau, SUNY Press. Abstract. All revisions have been finalized and it should be published very soon.

My Book! Madness in Experience and History: Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology and Foucault’s Archaeology. Forthcoming December 2021 with Routledge. Part of the Psychology and the Other Book Series. The full manuscript has been submitted and it is currently in the production phase. This summer, I will be doing the final edits and compiling the index.

Currently Working On

Article: No title yet. Something on Foucault’s unreason (déraison) and Victor Hugo’s display of madness in Les Miserables.

Joint Book Project with Dr. Mark Allen. Tentative title: Art and the Flourishing of the Ordinary. Our goals for the summer are to write a joint abstract and start contacting some publishers. Related to Mark’s dissertation on art and philosophy and my master’s thesis on existential aesthetics.

Joint Article with Dr. Mary Schwarz. Tentative title: “Reclaiming our Lost Identity with Marcel: A Response to Suicide and Other Acts of Self-Harm.” Planning on submitting this to the journal Marcel Studies.

Future Work

Article. No title yet. Something on disability as a way of accessing the world but also a mode of suffering in the world.

Future Big Project. Something on the phenomenology of suffering and pain.

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